Helping organizations to access Healthcare solutions

About us

Our core is to help Health Care organizations to access the best products in the market, allowing the different Health channels to access international suppliers with full warranty at a very competitive prices.

Long term relationship with our stakeholders

Just fulfilling our customers needs is not enough, we are looking for a long term relationship with our stakeholders, assuring quality and good prices to our customers as well as stable revenues for our suppliers.

Access to 15.000 pharmacies and 300 hospitals

We have direct access to 500 pharmacies and 30 hospitals in Spain and indirect access to more than 15.000 pharmacies and 300 hospitals through our distributors.

committed to
the best

We are committed to the best practices and products in the market. We have local presence in China, Mexico, and Turkey, that allows us to have a close supervision of the production and supply of the products.

High quality
products and services

We work with accredited laboratories that test and certify our products to ensure quality and durability, thus all our material complies with Spanish and European quality standards.

Some of our clients

We have distribution partnerships with important pharmaceutical groups

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We are specialized in helping foreign Healthcare brands to access the Spanish pharmacy market.

There are 21.968 pharmacies in Spain, this is the second largest pharmacy network in Europe behind France.

how we do it

Exclusive group of "test pharmacies"

We have an exclusive group of 20 “test pharmacies” that allows us  to test the products looking for quality, prices, support and training needs.

Training and support

We provide training and support to pharmacists, doctors and potential clients so that they know our products perfectly and can recommend them to their clients.

Working side by side

Our marketing and sales team work very closely with the brand to fully develop an specific commercial plan depending the type of product.

What can we offer you?

We are offering a wide range of products
  • Protective face masks
  • Hydroalcoholic gel
  • Disposable nursing pads
  • Baby wipe towells
  • Organic menstrual cup 
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective medial hats
  • Sponge with soap
  • Coban satmak (auto adhesive bandage) 
  • Other accessories

We dream of equal protection
against Coronavirus

We collaborate with NGOs and associations making donations so that people with fewer resources have access to top quality protection material.